40 minutes | Mar 22, 2021

S09 E12: This Present Paradise Part 5: Let Love In

In this episode, we continue with part five of our six-part Lenten series on the book “This Present Paradise by Claire Dwyer. We discuss the power of small acts of love that serve as the true measure of feminine strength. We expand on the ideas of humility, vulnerability and the hidden life in the inner cloister. We also chat about our call to spiritual maternity especially in the invitation to pray for priests. We hope you can join us next week for the conclusion of our series as we are joined by Claire Dwyer for our final discussion.

Heather’s one thing - Lemon Garlic Grilled Chicken Recipe

Michelle’s one thing -  Cooking the Catholic Relief Services Meal with her family

Sister Miriam’s one thing - Institute of Catholic Culture

Discussion questions:    

  1. What struck you from this week’s episode?
  2. Where in your life do you feel particularly little or hidden right now? 
  3. What area do you feel desperately in need of the Savior?
  4. How can you and your group respond to the invitation to pray for priests?
  5. How have you experienced the complementarity of the feminine and masculine genius?

Journal Questions:

  1. What has been your experience of the inner cloister this Lent? 
  2. What would it look like to unleash spiritual maternity within your life?
  3. What have been some of the greatest sufferings of your life?Have you been able to see or experience sanctification and redemption in them? 

Quote to Ponder:  “A single action — even the least and most insignificant — done with the view of pleasing God alone, and of glorifying Him, is worth infinitely more, so to speak, than many actions in themselves of the greatest value and worth that spring from other motives.” -  Lorenzo Scupoli, Spiritual Combat

Scripture for Lectio Divina: “If a man loves me,’ says the Lord, ‘he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him, and make our home with him” - John 14:23

Abiding Together Podcast 2021 Lenten Book Study Announcement: The Abiding Together Podcast is reading and discussing This Present Paradise by Claire Dwyer for Lent. You can find the reading plan, discussion questions, additional resources and where to buy your book at www.abidingtogetherpodcast.com/this-present-paradise. 

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