25 minutes | May 8th 2020

The New Frontier for Dentistry - Dr. Steve Acker and Dr. Chris Huff

Ever had an implant fail after years of function?

AAID Podcast Host, Dr. Danny Domingue, discusses with Dr. Steven Acker and Dr. Chris Huff, something that every dentist should be screening for in their practice: Sleep Apnea and airway issues. As dentists, we have the unique ability to see our patients more than their physicians and it is up to us to detect and prevent these abnormalities as they can lead to some very serious issues.

“I can’t believe I’m a dentist and I haven’t seen this before,” says Dr. Domingue.

If you are a dentist performing any sort of reconstruction with dental implants, listen to this podcast to learn more about how you can incorporate this into your practice and why it’s important. Help spread the word! This is the new frontier for dentistry. Listen in!

The views expressed in this episode are those of the individual participants and not necessarily that of the AAID.

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