18 minutes | May 27, 2021

Episode 21 - What are tips for requesting workplace accommodations if you have a disability?

This week, Wendy Shoemaker, Director of the University Career Center at The University of Kansas, joins Erin to provide advice for requesting workplace accommodations either as a job seeker or employee. They discuss the importance of advocating for yourself, and Wendy shares valuable resources to help employees as well as supervisors and HR teams.career.ku.edu/ada - "Disclosing to an Employer" and "Disclosure Options" worksheetsJob Accommodation Network - https://askjan.org/ - offers specific guidance on accommodations by disability, including the functional limitations that are characteristic of that disability but also some situations and solutionsDisclosing Visible Disabilities - https://youtu.be/fyLWLxtbIacDisclosing Invisible Disabilities - https://youtu.be/zt8H9wf-rOoDisabilities and Functional Limitations - https://youtu.be/yU-bB-SSVYI
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