52 minutes | Jul 7, 2021

Dad Postpartum Depression is Real | Twin Mom Jayme Wise

In today's episode, Nat chats with Jayme Wise,  mom to 20-month-old twins, about conceiving her twins a few days apart thanks to multiple ovulation, symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), preeclampsia, delivery at 37 weeks, a rocky start to breastfeeding,  a partner who suffered from dad postpartum depression, and so much more.Jayme Wise is a catastrophe claim rep who works about 50-60 hours a week from St. Louis, Missouri. She and her husband Andrew have been married since June of 2018 and have 20-month-old twins. They enjoy lots of walks in the park and reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear approximately 600 times a day.Jayme's Top 3 Pieces of Advice for Twin Parents:1. Talk about EVERYTHING with your partner before the babies are born. And I mean EVERYTHING. Talk about an action plan for preterm labor, talk about your hospital bag and what it should contain, talk about worst case scenarios for pregnancy/delivery, talk about what your partner would need to do to advocate for you in the event that you can’t advocate for yourself, and talk about what life is going to look like when you bring them home. And have a back up plan for ALL of that.. set expectations with your partner about distribution of housework, baby care, etc. and make sure to discuss PPD in as much detail as you can to be aware of the symptoms / signs. My husband actually got PPD after delivery but we were able to recognize it because we’d discussed it in detail. 2. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. When you are comfortable enough after delivery to push the stroller, get used to putting both babies in & out of car seats and taking them for walks, on midday drives, etc. Getting out of the house and into the sun whenever possible truly helps to make you feel like a human being again. Going for a walk in the park with your tiny human beings marveling at nature somehow feels 6000 times more amazing when you’ve got millions of postpartum hormones coursing through your body! 3. Love your partner truly, madly, deeply - sounds so cheesy but just try to remember at every single step that this is the person you’ve chosen to be your partner in crime, your love, and your other half. Your babies were born out of the love you share with that person and they’re going to go into the world (hopefully) exemplifying that love to everyone they meet. I heard so many pieces of advice about “not getting a divorce in the first year because you can make it!” And I was honestly a little horrified? Having twins definitely made my husband and me closer and I’m so grateful for that!What She Wishes She Had Done Differently:1. Wish I would not have given up on breastfeeding both babies. My hospital stay was rough, and the lactation consultant that we had was just... mean. The day nurses weren’t that helpful in terms of getting babies to latch and I couldn’t stand hearing “well they only need a couple of drops of colostrum! Their bellies are so small!” anymore, so on the second night we finally had to beg a night nurse to order formula, and the twins were eating but then they made an assumption that I just didn’t WANT to breastfeed so I no longer got help. It was such a frustrating and saddening experience. My son refused to nurse most of his first year and would actually scream every single time I tried. Sometimes he’d settle down and nurse and other times he’d fight until I gave up and just gave him a bottle. 2. I wish I would have worked out more and created a time for myself to actually focus on my health. Know a twin parent who'd like to be a guest? Have them apply at Twiniversity.com/podcast.SUBSCRIBEMake sure to SUBSCRIBE to A Twins Tale for more awesome stories of twins at ages and stages from birth to college, from the creators of Twiniversity.If you liked this podcast, check out the Twiniversity Podcast with Natalie Diaz!CLASSESExpecting twins? Check out our twin pregnancy and breastfeeding twins classes here!MEMBERSHIPSign up today for a Twiniversity Membership! Choose from 2 levels starting at $6.99/month to connect with other parents of twins in a monthly Zoom twin club, build your twin parenting community in our private Facebook group, and expand your twin parent knowledge with our video learner library. Click here for details.FIRST YEAR WITH TWINSAre your twins in their first year? Check out our free First Year with Twins resource to learn tips, advice, and ideas for getting through your first year with twins!BABY SAFETY COURSEOffered on-demand, the Complete Baby Safety Course includes 30 instructional videos on infant, toddler, and child CPR, a variety of first aid techniques you may need with kids, a full explanation about different kinds of car seats and how to install them, and a room-by-room description of how to best childproof your home. Click here for details.CONTACT USVISIT Twiniversity.com for tons of free twin tips!FOLLOW us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter.SUBSCRIBE to our email newsletter!Visit the Twiniversity Etsy Shop
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