18 minutes | Oct 23, 2019

53: Celebrating our Monster Cereals … Employee’s daughter breaks world records

Thanks for listening!  Here are our show notes for this episode: 56 Brewing Releases Kernza lager thanks to General Mills cereal “Monster Cereal” - an original song by Sethifus The Homicidal Homemaker Go on a “taste odyssey” with Liberte Abbey Mitchell at the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) show Employee’s daughter breaks world records Among U.S. couples, women do more cooking and grocery shopping than men General Mills trivia/Monster Cereal commercials Have a question about our history? Record it as an audio clip on your phone and email it to contact.blog@genmills.com. The “A Taste of General Mills” podcast has been in production since 2015. Subscribe to the show via Apple Podcasts, or other apps, and visit us at blog.generalmills.com for more information. Have a comment or suggestion? Email our podcast team at contact.blog@genmills.com.  
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