19 minutes | Jan 27th 2021

What Happened In The Last Four Years? Travel Ban Children In Cages

In this week’s minisode, Luis Cortes covers what happened in the last four years. Starting with the Trump Administration abusing their power within the executive branch. The last four years we spent questioning how this administration was able to implement extremely criminalizing policies including the Travel Ban and separating and caging children. How can we plan for the future and build something that outlasts the next four years? How can we hold the new administration accountable for all they claimed? Regardless of how much this administration changes these policies, we have to remember they still uphold these systems and we deserve more. Show Notes: Luis Cortes on Twitter Find Us: Support us on Patreon Follow us on Instagram Visit our Facebook page Find us on Twitter Find us on TikTok Visit our Website Music: Cadenza by @deriks_social_studies Produced by Caleb Nelson of sudo Science
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