93 minutes | Feb 4th 2021

Magic And Community

In this episode, we are joined by Diana Betancourt Macias--an Organizer, Educator, Queer AF, Undocumented Magic Mami!! The Host of Magic Mamis Podcast, Bmfsfoundation Founder, Adjunct Professor at the University of WA Bothell and so much more. This Libra energy is high, inspiring, and captivating. The work Diana and her family put into their foundation from scholarships, youth groups, parent groups, fundraisers is incredible. We get a sneak peek of all the work behind Bmfsfoundation, Magic Mamis, and even more personal pieces around alcoholism, spirituality, and hustling educational institutions. Spirits are present y’all. Diana is one of a kind, enjoy--MAGIC AND COMMUNITY. Show Notes: Magic Mamis Website Magic Mamis On Apple Podcasts Magic Mamis On Spotify Magic Mamis On Sound Cloud Dian and Zoe's Instagram Magic Mami's Instagram Daddy Diosa's Instagram Betancourt Macias Family Scholarship Foundation's Instagram Ana K. Betancourt Macias' Instagram XXX's Instagram Ana K Photography's Instagram Steff Betancourt's Instagram Find Us: Support us on Patreon Follow us on Instagram Visit our Facebook page Find us on Twitter Find us on TikTok Visit our Website Music: Cadenza by @deriks_social_studies Produced by Caleb Nelson of sudo Science
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