64 minutes | Sep 4th 2019

La Novela de Dania

Dania Jaramillo is a writer, educator and young mother to her beautiful son, Julian. Dania shares with us her journey between Sinaloa, Mexico and Mount Vernon, Washington. She was a single teen mother on a mission to prove everyone wrong. From family dynamics, navigating higher education and wanting to abolish schools (yes, schools), Dania’s motto is to remain calm, cool and collected. She recently went viral on twitter when she shared a video being verbally assaulted for being an undocumented womxn. She expresses the effects it had on her family and how you mentally cope with the repercussions of going viral. Listen for a firsthand experience on a very powerful chingona. Shot of Truth presents La Novela de Dania.
Show Notes:
Move Ya Body - Nina Sky
Dania's Twitter Video
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