99 minutes | Mar 5th 2021

Cumbia de Mis Sentimientos

A re-introduction of our Host, Victoria Matey Mendoza. Full disclosure this is deep into the things I’ve reflected on over the last couple of years. First, I’d like to state an energetic boundary--these are only pieces of myself, not the whole picture. We talk all about my love avoidance as a hopeless romantic. High school, and all that messiness--including my AP government teacher outing my ass. All the details about my speaking engagements across the country and my Tedx Talks. The deep dissociation and depression supplemented by alcohol abuse impacting my ability to form relationships. All the details about my bruja gifts, validated more and more every day of my life. Additionally, the intention behind this podcast and how it is ever-evolving as am I. Enjoy Cumbia de Mis Sentimientos. Show Notes: Water is Magic Hispanic Heritage Foundation Charla Find Us: Support us on Patreon Follow us on Instagram Visit our Facebook page Find us on Twitter Find us on TikTok Visit our Website Music: Cadenza by @deriks_social_studies Produced by Caleb Nelson of sudo Science
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