56 minutes | Mar 10, 2021

Mercury Retrograde with Coral Cadman

What's all the hubbub about when it comes to Mercury Retrograde? Welp, the 2020 election happened during MR and so did the second impeachment. In this episode, my favorite astrologer talks about: Ancient Egypt; a f*cked up ephemeris; the divorce of astrology and astronomy; as above, so below; the wanderers; Sirius; certain predictable events; being regulated by the Moon; astrology doesn't require faith; solar wind; Founding Fathers, High Masons and Illuminati; going back to move forward; commerce, trade and communication; the Rocky Horoscope; oysters; a disturbance in The Force; red flags; self-respect; chaos; ACOA; anxious thinking; Gandhi; Old Testament; calm the F down; the red tent and Moon lodge; taking care of ourselves; if you can't have fun, start a fight; psychic residue; the voice in your head; being useful; poop thoughts; gremlins; a chance to be mindful; happiness is an inside job; functional archetypes; New Age hogwash; vertical drop; skin cars; reorganizing the interior; curiosity; a series of frustrations; a lesson in being patient; being well-rested; Saturn's Day; Loki and the Trickster; inventing the Devil;  sh*tty perceptions; let's go deep or leave me alone; Doors of Perception; Socrates; Merrill Markoe; did you have a happy childhood or are you funny; Kurt Vonnegut; made to break; leaving a trail; lost control; homework; your own growth process; radical awakening; arms, hands and fingers; stalling; things to avoid; sign of the knees; old wives' tales; junk in the trunk; paying attention; being compassionate.You can find Coral on her website: https://coralcadman.com/Episode recorded on 02/20/21Episode released on 03/10/21For more information on the podcast or its host, please visit sassylittlepodcast.com. There, you will find links to social media and an opportunity to become a member of the podcast community. We are on Twitter and Instagram @SassyLittlePod and Facebook @SassyLittlePodcast.Thanks for listening! If you like this sassy little podcast, please subscribe to it, rate it and review it, and tell your friends about it. Become a patron on Patreon. Cheers!
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