47 minutes | Feb 17, 2021

Impatience for Success with Melissa Joy Manning

Melissa Joy Manning is an ethically- and eco-minded jewelry designer and CFDA member, and a friend of mine. She founded the CFDA Sustainability Committee and uses 100% recycled precious metals in her handmade designs, famous for her signature style and one-of-a-kind creations. We talk about: knowing each other for 20 years, being in business for nearly 25 years, over-achieving parents, art as a career, silversmithing in Mexico, passion, living authentically, getting fired, vocational counseling, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, knowing how to run a business, being a hero, positioning, being around for three years, pre-Etsy/direct-to-consumer, building a brand, emulating and partnering, learning your voice, bringing a brand to market, turning, churning and burning, misconceptions, being self-funded, reinvesting, being green-certified, ethics, what you can do with what you love, social component, leading by example, sustainability and success, danger of overnight success, InStyle/Oprah effect, room for everyone, originators, strategy, false promise, vicious cycles, collaboration, generosity, mentoring, feeling lucky, cycle of 3, 5, 7, 10, vision plans, watching the market, racing backwards, finding inspiration, business can be a solution, the best design solves problems, morals and ethics, Bezos could do better, choices, creating community, potty mouths, wage disparity, the other NRA, learning, changing the demand, everything is political, the luxury of choice, cancel culture, embracing failure, being grounded, defining your own success, never take no for an answer.Related links:Melissa Joy Manning JewelryRenaissance Entrepreneurship CenterEpisode recorded on 01/28/21Episode released on 02/17/21For more information on the podcast or its host, please visit sassylittlepodcast.com. There, you will find links to social media and an opportunity to become a member of the podcast community. We are on Twitter and Instagram @SassyLittlePod and Facebook @SassyLittlePodcast.Thanks for listening! If you like this sassy little podcast, please subscribe to it, rate it and review it, and tell your friends about it. Become a patron on Patreon. Cheers!
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