58 minutes | Jan 6, 2021

Clutter with Jasmine Milligan

From being at home during the pandemic and getting things we want/need/happen to be on sale and giving/getting over the holidays, we probably are finding ourselves with too much stuff! Let's purge it. Jasmine Milligan is Reno, Nevada's first KonMari certified organizer. Marie Kondo's method starts with clothing, books, documents and "komono" (misc.) before hitting the hard to part with sentimental items. Start with a vision of what you want to achieve/have it look like and start with pulling out ALL of your clothes and see which ones spark joy (everything else is out). Learning not to buy things numbly. Future tripping. Facing stuff head-on. There are no real rules with the KonMari method (and the "if you haven't worn it in a year" rule has been cancelled due to 2020). If you want to keep it, keep it with confidence (that you will use it/wear it soon...set a date for it). Fantasy yard sales. Perceived value vs. what you will realistically get. Releasing things with gratitude. Learning our patterns. Becoming more self-aware. Shopping to check out. Energy shifting. "Hoarders". Creating a prison of stuff. Minimizing life to what you actually need and like. Disconnecting. Seeing the unhappiness related to clutter. Going through everything is really liberating. (Really.) Magic happens when you clear things out (it's like a portal opens; reconnections occur). Don't have to believe in that; just do it and you'll see. RAFT your documents (Refer, Act, File, Toss/recycle). Reese Witherspoon and stale cereal. Aesthetic organization doesn't always make sense/isn't always practical (so you can skip that trip to the Container Store and labelling everything). Kimono vs. komono. Patience. Bravery. Empowerment. Actively living. Setting goals. Zoomtinis.

You can reach Jasmine at upsidetidying.com and on Instagram.

Her radio show, Thread, can be heard here.

Episode recorded on 12/11/20

Episode released on 01/06/21

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