58 minutes | Oct 21st 2020

Climate Change with JC Coccoli

Big oil, idling cars, Bezos’ billions (and what JC and Sandra would do with it), owing hippies and apology, the excessive waste created by the pandemic, a Google alternative that plants trees, the money in waste management, understanding your trash, making small changes for a bigger impact, how being environmentally conscious burns calories and/or saves money, and the moment Sandra realizes her whole life was based on a lie.

You can find JC at JCCoccoli.com, Twitter and Instagram.

Links to all the things we talked about:

Refillery LA

Ecosia (the tree-planting Google alternative)

CamelBak Water Bottle

Contigo Water Bottle

Glass Water Bottle

ZeroWater filter pitcher

Coffee Traveller

French Press

Moka Pot

Composting Tips for Anyone/Everyone

Food Waste Pick-Up Service in LA (use Ecosia to find a similar service in your area)


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Episode recorded on 08/28/20

Episode released on 10/21/20

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