33 minutes | May 19, 2019

Honoring Your Boundaries with Cathy McKinnon

  Setting healthy boundaries is essential to living a lifestyle of self-love and care but its not always easy or clear how to do this. Cathy McKinnon, Founder of Wellness Warrior Coaching, speaks with me on why we need to set boundaries, how to set them and how to honor our boundaries so we can show up for ourselves, our families and our businesses. We talk about THE BIG WHY and how honoring your boundaries fits into your goals and your vision for your life. If we are saying yes to everything how and when are we really making time for the big vision we have for our lives? Join Cathy and I as we discuss: - Why we “people please” and feel like saying yes to everything, all the time and how to put a stop to this so we can really focus on what we want - Honoring your boundaries – what this means and how to do it - Showing up for our BIG WHY - Why self-care isn’t selfish and how to change our mindset around this often triggering topic - Plus so much more!  Cathy McKinnon is the founder of Wellness Warrior Coaching, she works with women to create success rituals to gain more energy, strength, beauty and confidence along their journey to optimal living. She came to this career through her own transformation and battles with weight loss, cancer, and fertility struggles. Now she shares her learnings to help other women not fall into the same pitfalls she did!    Connect with Cathy! On Instagram HERE On Facebook HERE
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