30 minutes | Jul 6, 2019

Food is NOT a Fight with Jais Curry

Do you struggle with food? Do you feel like all you ever want is sweets and then you beat yourself up after you eat alll the cookies? Well, my amazing guest today is a Food Freedom Coach, she knows the struggles of dieting, binge eating and all the things around food. Today she is going to give you the low-down on why we end up in a struggle with food and help you see once and for all that food is not a fight and it doesn’t have to be from today on! As women most of us struggle with our body image and as a result we struggle with food. We often end up punishing ourselves for not looking like we think we should, or eating what we think we should and we end up in a terrible cycle that is imprisoning and quite frankly, just depressing. The truth is, its not really about food, its not really about our body. There is always an underlying issue within ourselves that we aren’t looking at – a core wound. Once we address this core wound we find our freedom. I’m super excited for you to listen in to today’s episode and find out the root cause of body dysmorphia, fighting with food and emotional eating. So here is the low down on what we talk about in this episode: Why we struggle with food in the first place Emotional eating and where it comes from & how to overcome it Tools to use to help you connect with your body Why dieting never works and what to do instead What intuitive eating is and how to do it   Jais Curry is a Food Freedom Coach dedicated to helping women end their obsession with food and end yo-yo dieting for good. She became a Certified Life Coach in 2018 and started coaching women to reach their highest potential in career and life. While on this journey, Jais quickly realized how important the food and body piece was and began training under Samantha Skelly at Hungry for Happiness in 2019. Today, she helps perfectionist, type A women overcome their fears around food and their bodies, using her custom Food is Not a Fight Program. To learn more, connect with her on Instagram, @jaiscurry or email hello@jaiscurry.com  
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