33 minutes | Jun 23, 2019

Discover Your Inner Voice with Christina Gomes

 Many of us are aware on some level that we have a purpose, we have a song within our hearts, a unique creative expression. But life happens, heartbreak happens and often our wounds cloud the sunshine of our deep purpose and knowing that we are here for something more. In this episode, I discuss with Christina how to discover our inner voice, the importance of play and childlike creativity and how to bring the flow of creativity back into our lives after heartache or trauma. Christina has traveled to over 33 countries practicing yoga and singing. Today she discusses with me all that she’s learned about tapping into our inner artist and our creative flow. This was such a beautiful episode that was very meaningful and healing for me because of my experience with a closed throat chakra that later led to Graves disease. Christina walks us through how to creatively express ourselves using our voice, our chakras and our own God-given creative abilities as artists, healers and creatives. In this episode you will learn: What the chakras are and how to use the power of our chakras to create more flow and alignment in our lives How to discover your shadows and bring them into the light The power of the human voice and how to use it to release trauma and stagnant energy How to discover your inner voice, your secret passion and your own unique creative expression Tools you can use to heal and re-write your life story Christina Gomes is a creativity consultant and a vocal empowerment coach helping conscious creatives unleash the power of their voice and free their creativity. Using the ancient practices of vibrational therapy, & Yoga philosophy as well as modern psychology and creative writing, Christina can help you release any blocks to help you create the life of your dreams and live out your creative desires. Through one-one coaching, online courses, transformational workshops and international retreats, Christina has helped 100’s of creatives untame their voice, rewrite their story, and free their creativity. Connect with Christina! Check out her website HERE Connect on Instagram HERE Connect on Facebook HERE
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