36 minutes | May 5, 2019

Being Body Confident with Kate Dwinell

 What does it take to feel confident in your body? To actually love your body? I am so excited to share this episode with you where Kate and I discuss what it takes to be body confident, to love our bodies and to change our mindset around eating, body image and past trauma that deeply affected how we see ourselves and live life in our bodies. As someone that has always struggled with my own body image this episode was not only super fun but healing for me. Kate has a beautiful and light way of helping us see that the way we see our bodies is really our choice. We get to choose how we treat our bodies, how we experience them and this is such a freeing concept. Kate has worked with tons of women helping them develop self love from within and she offers a practical yet fun way of relating these tools and shifts for helping us develop the confidence in ourselves that so many of us are craving. Kate and I discuss: How to overcome eating disorders How to love your body when you’ve spent your whole life hating it What it really takes to be confident in your own skin The mindset behind emotional eating, eating disorders like binge eating and starving yourself Overcoming trauma and past abuse AND MORE!   Kate Dwinell is a Mindset Coach and the founder of the Breaking Through Emotional Eating Group and the creator of the Love Yourself Selfishly Movement. She is a wife and a dog mom & specializes in coaching emotional eaters to find food freedom & break through their body struggles. Connect with Kate! Check out her Website HERE Follow her on Instagram HERE Join her Facebook Group HERE
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