49 minutes | Feb 2, 2020

Episode #33: "The Maneater" with Lisa Royere

Hello everyone welcome to A Pretty Normal Podcast, a show that re-imagines what society considers normal. Each week I  interview different guests about the topics they’re most passionate about. This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa Royere, an artist and designer from LA. We spoke about the inspiration for her “Maneater” series, art censorship on Instagram, her idea of taking well known brands and flipping them to empower people, what advice she gives to artists who are starting out and more. Quick shout out to Cyrus Mohseni, our guest from episode 12. He’s the reason I connected with Lisa and I wanted to take a quick moment to thank everyone who comes on the show and helps me find future guests. I take pride in interviewing really interesting and passionate people and I know that If I get a recommendation from one of my guests, its gonna be a good one! Make sure to subscribe to the show so you get notified every time a new episode drops.You can check out Lisa's artwork on Instagram at @Lisaroyere  or by visiting her website at www.lisaroyere.com Subscribe to the show and follow us on Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // YoutubeRemember to leave us a rating and review if you enjoy the content brought to you every week. Message us if you would like to come on the show or know anyone who you would like to see come on the show. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/aprettynormal/support
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