20 minutes | Jul 14, 2021

Episode 48: How Can You Adjust for Salary Disparities Within Your Company?

Is there a way to fairly adjust salaries so that there are no disparities by race or sex or anything else?  Our guest today says there is and she has put it into practice at her company. Marie Rose Roiux is CFO and VP Business Operations at  Unito, a tech company that has developed a meticulous system to weed out disparities and ensure fairness – although that process means undoing some of what we consider normal business practices. Guest: Marie-Rose Rioux M. is Unito’s CFO and VP of business operations. With over 15 years of experience, both in start-ups and large companies, she leads multiple teams under the business operations roof. Her true calling is with the tech start-up scene, and she thrives when part of a dynamic, agile leadership team.   Links: Unito Link: https://unito.io/ The Better Workplace Toolkit: https://www.betterworkplacetoolkit.com/ https://www.betterworkplacetoolkit.com/career-growth-and-compensation/
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