81 minutes | Mar 19, 2021

S01 E19: Pelvic Awakening with Bethany Wilde

This week I’m speaking with Bethany Wilde, a women's health bodyworker and author. Bethany offers holistic womb and pelvic healing sessions, weaving together intuitive bodywork and ceremony, energy medicine, and deep presence. She also offers online education for womb and pelvic connection and healing, for women and mothers. In this episode, we discuss how the womb has the blueprint for mothering wisdom and healing, the powerful effects of womb and pelvic connection on our minds and bodies, and how to start a simple womb-centred practice. Bethany shares about her journey with conception, loss, and becoming a mother, then we talk about the various transitions women go through in life and the role community plays in supporting and honouring these transitions. She also shares how we can integrate yoni steaming and jade egg practices into our lives to heal and care for our wombs.
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