50 minutes | Jan 29, 2021

S01 E15: Am I A Good Enough Mother with Dr. Sophie Brock

This week I’m speaking with Dr. Sophie Brock, a Motherhood Studies Sociologist and single mother to her 3yo daughter, about what it means to be a “good enough mother” and what the societal expectations are around being a good mother. Sophie works with both mothers and practitioners who support mothers, to understand the ways mothers’ experiences are socially and culturally shaped. It’s so powerful to explore and understand what motherhood means to us, because it’s different for every single person and each version of that is perfect for that person. In this episode, we discuss how social and cultural conditioning leaves us feeling guilty or ashamed in motherhood when we feel we aren’t doing the best we can be doing, along with the shifts we can make to overcome that. Sophie explains how marketing and advertising, as well as so many other forms of messaging, have impacted the way women view motherhood, even long before they become mothers. We then share steps you can take and questions you can ask yourself to reframe your image of motherhood and heal from the guilt and shame you may feel or have felt as a mother.
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