64 minutes | Nov 12, 2020

S01 E07: Isabella & Us | The Story with Emma Cottam

This week I’m speaking with Emma Cottam, photography teacher, podcaster, and Owner and Founder of @isabella_and_us  a mum-focused online gift shop. Emma is a mother and wife who is passionate about raising awareness of maternal mental health and encouraging mums to make time for themselves. Emma is also the Editor of the Positive Wellbeing Zine for Mums, a quarterly publication all about self-care, wellbeing and motherhood. In this episode, we speak about the importance of taking time to nourish and look after yourself in ways that are suited to you, while seeking out the support you need after giving birth. Emma speaks on some of the biggest challenges she faced postpartum and how she overcame them, speaking openly about topics that are usually cast as taboo or shameful in society. She details the significance of her business and magazine, emphasizing how it’s been a saving grace for her mental health.
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