56 minutes | Nov 5, 2020

S01 E06: Moving Your Body in a New Way with Clio Wood

This week I’m speaking with Clio Wood, women’s health and sex-positivity advocate and Founder of &Breathe, an award-winning fitness and well-being retreat for pre/postnatal parenthood and perimenopause. She created &Breathe following the birth of her daughter in 2014 and her postnatal experiences with rehab, fitness and well-being, birth trauma, depression, and painful sex/pelvic floor issues. Clio is passionate about helping women to be their best selves. In this episode, we speak about moving your body in a new way after becoming a mother, noting the emotional and mental benefits of exercise. We discuss what affects our bodies during those early days of motherhood, from body image to the effects of exercise on our mental health, and how we can start the journey towards recovery and building up our strength again. Clio talks to us about pelvic floor health and the power in scheduling in time to move.
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