61 minutes | Oct 29, 2020

S01 E05: Nourishing the Mother with Alissa Timoshkina

This week I’m speaking with Alissa Timoshkina, Author, Chef, Writer, Podcast Host of Motherhood, Event Curator & Mama. Alissa has had an interesting journey in life, moving from her home country of Russia during her formative years, struggling with an eating disorder (ED), becoming fascinated with food, and then becoming a mother. Women are much more likely to have an ED than men and Alissa wants to liberate women from the grasp of the patriarchal norms of how we should look and what we should eat. In this episode, we talk about the importance of nourishing the mother, what that means, and how we can work towards a healthy relationship with food. Food cultivates nourishment, community, and connection. Alissa explains how our relationship to food transitions alongside our motherhood journey and the importance of healing our relationship with food, leading to creating positive relationships with food for our children.
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