74 minutes | Feb 15, 2021

#78 A Millennial's Guide to Spirituality: A Solo Episode

On this episode, I delve into what it was like to go through what some may call a Spiritual Awakening, but what I prefer to call a Spiritual Emergency. I speak about both the gifts and dangers of developing a spiritual practice, and how we often use spirituality, psychedelics and other forms of "magic" to avoid confronting our shadow. I speak about gurus, synchronicity, astrology, discernment, psychological projection and share my thoughts on "ascension," "5D" and other go-to spiritual concepts. This isn't an episode dismissing spirituality, but rather, a plea to bring nuance and critical thinking to the extremely useful & meaningful, (but often misused) practice of "Spirituality".  The book that I read from was Robert A. Johnson's Inner Gold. Songs featured: "Dream 13 (minus even)" by Max Richter, and "The Weaver" by Trevor Hall Interested in participating in the Lunar Circle? Visit anyakaats.com/lunarcircle for more information and to enroll.  How to support the show: Rate, review and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes! Support my work on Patreon and get access to perks like exclusive WhatsApp group chats, an exclusive Discord server, a book club just for patrons, shirts + stickers, playlists, and curated workshops led by Patrons and former guests of the podcast. Visit my website - AnyaKaats.com & Find me on Instagram
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