111 minutes | Dec 30, 2020

#74 Exploring Sun, Moon & Rising Signs with Jasmine, Kestrel and Eliza of Kosmic Tonic

The ladies of Kosmic Tonic join the podcast once again, this time to discuss sun signs, moon signs and rising signs. We speak about how each is significant in its own way, how they differ from one another and how they show up in our personal natal charts. We talk about how to find the planetary ruler of a chart, why reading horoscopes from your rising sign is more accurate than your sun sign and how tracking lunar cycles can help you learn about yourself in new ways each month. We also talk about tonight's Cancer full moon and how Cancer shows up differently in each of our lives. 

Find Eliza, Kestrel and Jasmine at KosmicTonic.com

Songs featured: "Petrichor" by Keaton Henson & "Crying Woman" by Holly Arrowsmith

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