64 minutes | Sep 10th 2020

31. Drea De Matteo on all things “The Sopranos,” TikTok house parties, and family members in the mafia.

This week Jamie chats with Emmy Award winning actress Drea de Matteo (“The Sopranos,” “Sons of Anarchy” and more).

They discuss her role as Adriana La Cerva on “The Sopranos” and allll the things Jamie and Drea have in common (a LOT actually, including that they both have family members who were in the mafia).  They then go into why Drea recently called the cops on one of the infamous Tik Tok houses (Jamie loves this story, clearly), Drea’s Sopranos-themed podcast (Gangster Goddess Broad-Cast), her favorite moments for Adriana, and the complexity of all the characters on the show.  They then get into Italian stereotypes and accents, her favorite Italian dishes and restaurants, how she felt when/how she was told her character was going to die and, lastly, her thoughts on how the show officially ended.

If you loved “The Sopranos” and/or Italian culture, this episode is for you!

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