68 minutes | Jun 14, 2021

Death Becomes Her (1992)

The Steves bring back Dr. Brianne Horvath to discuss the LGBT+ favorite and cult classic movie Death Becomes Her, along with what's making them happy.What's New and Happy?Pride MonthProject Pride SRQ's Car Parade and Pet ParadesRebel (ABC) - BingeDeath Becomes Her (1992)The movie's creative team and starsIt's place in LGBT+ culture and whyCharacter discussions on Madeline, Helen, and ErnestWhy do women fight over unworthy men?Lisle as the all-knowing giver of youth and immortalityThe famous guests at Lisle's party you might have missedWould we want to live forever?The high level of deliberate camp in this movieWhat is Camp? (Steve's Deep Dive)Ending- Any music or audio clips were borrowed from the original source material.Support the show (http://www.patreon.com/happylifepod)
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