22 minutes | Jul 7th 2019

How to be Coachable! #aclaritylifestyle

It is true that not everyone can be coached, life can make us feel we need certain people or nobody to help us! That’s wrong !! In this episode we unmask the lies and go in for the home run, helping you be a more coach able lady! Tell your friend to tell her friend! Being coach-able is a quality a lot of people neglect. It is not about how much you have to pay a coach but a mindset and heart for growing and being all you have been created to be. How to be coach-able, will challenge you and get you thinking and changing to make each moment count. If you would like personal strategy, accountability and support in taking action in your pursuits book a 1:1 Vision & Clarity session below LINKS : BOOK 1:1 Vision & Clarity Session here https://www.aladiesheart.com To be a guest / advertise : aladiesheart@gmail.com Let’s stay connected: hashtag #aladiespodcast #aclaritylifestyle Instagram : @aladiesheartart Facebook : @aladiesheart #aladiespodcast
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