68 minutes | May 23rd 2019

Episode 62: Mashama Bailey and Johno Morisano of The Grey on Business Partnerships and Expectations

Today’s show is an interview with chef Mashama Bailey and John O. Morisano, the duo behind The Grey and Grey Market in Savannah, Georgia. The Grey is located in a former Greyhound bus station on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in Savannah which operated until 1964, through the Jim Crow era, segregating black and white passengers. Today this space is home to one of the most celebrated restaurants in America, where Mashama serves dishes inspired by her upbringing in Savannah and Queens, NY. On a recent Friday afternoon I met with both of them at a Johno’s Manhattan apartment near Gramercy Park to talk the pressures of running such a historic restaurant and what a business partnership between a black chef and a white co-founder looks like. A Hungry Society is powered by Simplecast.
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