27 minutes | Nov 5th 2020

A first take on health policy after the 2020 election

No matter which side of the aisle you sit, the 2020 U.S. presidential election has been as memorable as it's been remarkable. 
On November 4th — less than 24 hours after the final polls closed — Health Affairs' Alan Weil sat down with Kimberly Leonard, Senior Healthcare Reporter at Business Insider, and Shannon Muchmore, Editor at Healthcare Dive, to share his perspective on what the future of health policy may look like when the election is finally in the rearview mirror. 
The group touches on the fate of the Affordable Care Act, what's on deck for future coronavirus relief packages, and how the next administration may continue federal policies on pricing transparency. We also hear how Alan, Kimberly, and Shannon maintain bipartisanship in their publications in the face of increasing polarization.
Listen to hear what Alan, Kimberly, and Shannon are hearing across Washington, D.C. and how it could influence future health policies.

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