54 minutes | Oct 15, 2019

Ep. 44: Empowered Intuition & Reiki Healing Energy with Micara Link

In today's show you'll meet Reiki Master, Speaker and Teacher, Micara Link. Micara teaches intuition workshops, Reiki trainings and hosts retreats. Micara has a wealth of knowledge about the world of intuition and Reiki healing energy.  We talk about how to determine when your head is making the decisions and when your heart is leading the way. We dive more deeply into how to connect to your inner voice - the whispers of your soul. Our intuition is a teacher and is here to help guide you in life. In this beautiful conversation with Micara, we explore how to listen to your intuition, how to trust where it's leading you and how to find the courage to follow it.  We also share our love of Reiki and talk about how this form of energy work is deeply relaxing and healing for your mind, body and spirit. Enjoy the show. To learn more about Micara visit her site, www.micaralink.com. You can learn more about my Reiki sessions here. Thanks for listening!
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