23 minutes | Sep 24, 2019

Ep. 42: The Power Within You

In today's show, I share where my spiritual journey has taken me now.   I recently returned from hosting another powerful retreat for a beautiful group of brave women. I say brave, because it certainly takes courage to go on retreat. For 3 nights we step outside the "norm" of our every day life to enjoy rest, relaxation and some tender loving care. Most of the time the women come not knowing anyone, yet shortly after retreat begins we all feel as if we've been friends for life. And every time I go on retreat I learn something new about myself. Listen to the show to hear more about that. This show will inspire you to pay attention to where you need boost some confidence in your life. Do you have a new dream unfolding or are you being guided outside your comfort zone but feel nervous about it?  Remember your power lives within you.  Enjoy the show! Introducing: Intuitive Awakening Sessions I like to think of these sessions as the bridge that will help you cross to a place with more peace, meaning, clarity and the understanding about the path you're on and the direction you want to go moving forward. In these sessions, we will work to clear the mental, physical, emotional and energetic blocks that are no longer supporting you in life. These are old negative thoughts, doubts, fears and trepidations that are keeping you feeling tired, stuck or lost. It's time you enjoy more energy, and the joy that comes from living a balanced, connected and authentic life. These sessions can be done virtually through Skype or locally in person. Think of it as life coaching, guided meditation, Reiki, affirmation card reading - all in one session! Sessions are 90 minutes in length. Life Coaching: We will spend the first 30 minutes sharing and talking about the blocks you are currently feeling in your life. This is the life coaching portion of the session. Reiki: We will begin the Reiki session with a personalized guided meditation for the first 10 minutes. This deep relaxation will lead into the 45 minute Reiki energy healing portion of the session. (Click here to learn more about Reiki distance healing.) Tarot / Closing: We will wrap up our session with an affirmation Tarot card reading. Think of Tarot cards as simply a symbolic picture that affirms what you already know intuitively. They offer powerful reminders of what our intuition is already telling us. Visit www.afreespiritlife.com and click on "work with me" to learn more.
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