41 minutes | May 24, 2021

Opening the Windows and Making Time for Creativity

Feel that cross-breeze? Hard for us to tell if it’s fresh air or creative energy, to be honest. But much more on both ahead...   The opening the windows tweet that really spoke to us both.   The fan Claire recently, aspirationally acquired: this Zonix one in white.   You know Secret Menu? Because you should.   For some context around our creativity check-in, dive into our perfectionism ep (and maybe Big Magic?).   This NYT piece on future block!   Mary H.K. Choi inspired Erica’s writing approach, and Gina Hamadey and her new book I Want to Thank You helped shape Claire’s sketching routine.   Keep the feedback coming! @athingortwohq, podcast@athingortwohq.com, and 833-632-5463.   Better understand your fertility with Modern Fertility’s finger-prick test—it’s $20 off when you use our link. Get a quote from Haven Life, the online life insurance agency that’s all about ease. Look to BetterHelp for professional counseling and snag 10% off your first month when you use our link. YAY.   Produced by Dear Media
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