128 minutes | May 19, 2021

The 100 Best Movies Ever, Ranked

What are the top 100 greatest movies ever made? And how are they ranked? All legitimate film critics and self-respecting know-it-all cinema aficionados have a list of their Top 100 Films of All-Time. To comemorate their 100th episode, Fanboy and Know-It-All knew it was their duty to create and rank their own definitive list of the best movies ever made. As can be expected with two strong-willed personalities, there are crossovers, surprise picks, and disagreements galore as our intrepid and dynamic duo weave their way through ranking the 100 greatest flicks to ever grace the silver screen. Oh, yeah, and they comisserate about Chick-fil-a sauce and break down a specific NBA milestone that finds Steph Curry alone in the rareified stratosphere with none other than Michael Jordan. ("April Showers" by ProleteR is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives [aka Music Sharing] 3.0 International License.)
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