46 minutes | Jun 1, 2020

Should I Cut Out Sugar with PCOS?

How much sugar is okay? Can we consume fruit? On this episode, we talk all about sugar and it's relationship with PCOS!

Awful cravings with PCOS are different than other peoples cravings...it's driven by our hormones, so don't feel like it's all your fault!

You'll learn about the effects sugar has on insulin resistance and the role it has on symptoms of PCOS.

We talk about fruit and how much is okay to consume in one day. Is natural sugar from fruit different? Tune in to find out!

What about artificial sweeteners? We discuss how artificial sweeteners can cause insulin levels to spike, making your cravings worse. You'll learn whether you should stop taking them.

As always, we announce the Win of the Week, a Cyster who is losing weight & managing her PCOS like a boss!

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