126 minutes | Jun 3, 2020

Hank Green Talks Joe Rogan, John Krasinski & SGN, His New Book & More! | Ep. 32 A Conversation With

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1:15 - Inventor of the 2D glasses
3:49 - CrashCourse conversation
8:01 - Pressure from John’s success
11:01 - Writing from a woman’s perspective
18:13 - Hank Green’s books are about power
26:35 - Some Good News Discussion
29:33 - Chipotle/Seatgeek David Dobrik
31:03 - I’m a Star Trek fan & I’m wealthy
40:56 - Joe Rogan Spotify Deal Discussion
46:04 - Monolith discussion
53:17 - Guys on podcasts during quarantine is just therapy
1:06:06 - Wanting vs enjoying
1:12:35 - Hank asks Phil what scares him the most
1:22:20 - Card game starts - What scares you most about the future?
1:25:32 - LA vs Montana
1:36:01 - How do you want to be remembered?
1:46:11 - SourceFed Talent discussion
1:50:48 - Vidcon was very hard to own
1:59:16 - Creator Controversies
2:02:15 - One final note, or piece of advice you’d give?
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