15 minutes | May 15, 2019

Malcolm Gladwell pt. 2 (Bonus Episode)

I hope you enjoy Part 2 of my conversation with Malcolm Gladwell recorded during a recent live podcast taping. Celebrated journalist, best-selling author, and keen observer of the ways that people lead and succeed, Malcolm continues, in this Q&A portion of our discussion, to talk about how leaders, in every profession, should think about changing how and where we find talent. Here are two interesting points from Malcolm to add to the five points that I shared with you from Part 1 of the interview.  Malcolm shared his view on building a truly diverse team, pointing out that getting this right starts with the right definition of what it means to have a diverse team. “A lot of what we're seeing in the diversity problem is an artifact of the way we choose to look.... building a diverse workforce is made infinitely easier once you change your definition of who you're looking for.” Malcolm also talked about how institutional cultures can harden over time – and that change agents and leaders, particularly those in long-established organizations, have to look for openings and opportunity to drive change. “Institutional cultures are enormously durable. They come with a set of expectations, assumptions, patterns, and practices that persist long past their sell-by date and long past their usefulness. The trick for companies that want to change is to exploit moments of opportunities for transformation.”
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