51 minutes | Dec 14, 2015

A Call to Courage - 112 - Lauren Tinder

You know the moment…a woman from your church or small group asks you to meet to discuss stepping out from the crowd and taking a leadership position and your heart starts racing. Or maybe you felt that surge of energy at the thought of an unfulfilled need or gotten frustrated when it seems no one is willing to guide an organization or group you are involved in. What do you do? Before we answer that, let me introduce you to one of my favorite women on the planet. My friend Lorin is, quite literally, the reason my Bible study Cultivating Peace: Revealing God’s Peace within Your Chaos ever came into existence, the reason I learned how to effectively lead a group of leaders, the reason my study and Peace of Mind Ministries thrived after I left South Carolina, and one of the reasons why I step out in courage no matter how much of a mess that makes. Yet, she is completely uncomfortable with the idea of identifying herself as a leader. Today we find out what God has done with her as a result to her answer to follow Him on A Call to Courage.
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