49 minutes | Nov 16, 2015

A Call to Courage - 108 - Julie Miles

Have you ever gotten to a point in your life where you know it your life that is, just isn’t working, but you aren’t quite sure why or, even harder, what to do about it? I have been in that place many times! That’s why I was so excited when my friend Julie Miles shared with me a teaching she has created called Living a Resurrected Life by Restoring Right Rhythms. Julie is a wife, home schooling mama of two, and a Christian Life Coach who runs Beauty for Broken Parent Life Coaching. The goal of her ministry is to work with moms “who are struggling to restore and maintain purpose, peace, and joy in their parenting and are wanting to discover and embrace their identity as a woman and a mom; desiring to adopt fresh vision and new strategies for correction, communication, and combating the culture’s influence in their homes and families. Today on A Call to Courage Julie will be teaching us how to not only recognize the rhythms of our lives, but also how to restore them so that we can live a life of peace.
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