34 minutes | Apr 29, 2019

7 | Dan Lacovara – The Gay Shame Paradigm

Do you know what it feels like to live life as a gay man? Whether or not you identify as gay, straight, or anywhere in between, you will learn a lot from this interview about the many aspects of how it is for gay men in today’s world. In this episode we explore the many ways that gay men learn to feel a specific type of shame through their experiences as both boys and adults. Our interview with Dan Lacovara introduces us to his Gay Shame Paradigm which teaches us: 1) The 4 pillars of the paradigm in which gay men learn to feel ashamed of being gay, 2) How it feels to go through life as a gay man, and 3) Ways that gay men can support themselves in healing from this learned shame. Dan Lacovara is a licensed marriage and family therapist, and has worked extensively with clients struggling with sex and love addiction issues. He is particularly interested in how gay clients navigate and develop a healthy relationship to sex. He has lectured both locally and nationally on the topic.
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