35 minutes | Apr 15, 2019

5 | Shereen Hariri - Empathy and the Me Too Movement

How can we be more openhearted and empathetic when people say that they have been wronged in some way? With the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, more people are coming forward and experiencing backlash for sharing their stories with the world. We find ourselves more polarized than ever before as people separate into camps of "believers" and "non-believers." In this episode we discuss how it's possible to empathize with people whether or not we want what they are saying to be true. Our interview with Shereen Hariri teaches us: 1) How it felt to be supported as someone who came forward with a story during the #MeToo movement, 2) How it felt to be attacked, and 3) How we can have empathy for all people.  Shereen Hariri is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist as well as a Certified Sex Therapist in Los Angeles, CA
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