33 minutes | Apr 11, 2019

4 | Stefanos Sifandos – Part 2: Masculinity and Transformational Change

PART 2… What does it mean to be a good man? How can we be good at BEING men? In Part 2 of our interview with Stefanos Sifandos we discuss taking personal responsibility, as well as several practical steps that everyone can take to bring out the natural fire, compassion, and integrity inside of them. Daily reflections such as “Who have I been today?” and “Am I happy with that person?” are discussed, as well as what to do with the answers to those questions. Stefanos Sifandos is a relational alchemist, international speaker, and author who facilitates transformational growth through neuro-empowerment practices, an integration of spiritual praxis and western psychology to improve and enhance the quality of your relationships. Stefanos believes that intimate relationships and sacredness in union is a direct path to enlightenment and freedom.
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