58 minutes | Sep 2, 2020

ABW 69 – Dramatic Business Transformation through Trusting God

This week's guest is Aaron McClung,  the Founder and CEO of AM Agency. Aaron shares the dramatic transformation that occurred in his business over the past 5 years. The catalyst for this transformation was Aaron's willingness to trust and depend on God at a much deeper level than he had previously. Aaron's testimony paints a powerful "before and after picture" of what's possible when we allow the Lord to guide and direct us in ways we never would have imagined. 

Aaron's company started as a website and technology company, and expanded into a branding and marketing agency. More recently, AM has added a type of "Culture" consulting to help businesses discover and articulate their brand's deeper purpose, which has led to much more effective and profitable engagement with customers. To learn more about AM Agency, head over to https://discoveram.com/

To read Aaron's personal blog, check out https://aaronmcclung.com/

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