36 minutes | Mar 1, 2021

#79: Emma's Evangelical Upbringing Story

In this week's episode, we dive back into the subject of our evangelical upbringing and how it impacted our lives. If you missed Elsie's story (episode #75), be sure to listen to it first, as it lays the groundwork for many of things that Emma shares in this episode. Thank you to this week's sponsors: Get 50% off a premium Issuu account when you go to issuu.com/podcast and use code ABEAUTIFULMESS Save $200 off any mattress or mattress + foundation combo with code ABM. CBD products are BOGO free for a limited time. Visit magicspoon.com/abeautifulmess and use code BEAUTIFULMESS to get $5 off. Get $20 off your test at modernfertility.com/mess
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