47 minutes | Feb 4, 2019

Episode 8.5 / Mo’ Bricks: “The Curious Case of Mr. Cole”

With one of the Brick Brothers across the pond getting his euro on, the gang wasnt able to connect for a new episode. But have no fear, MO Bricks still got that flava for ya ears. Things get going with a little small talk about the first time the gange heard certain classic beats (1:15) plus a few minutes on Kanye and Frank Ocean (3:30). Things quickly settle into an expansive but fast-moving conversation on J. Cole (7:25): his current and past lead in singles (11:00) his role and interaction with the new generation (15:00) his catalog (18:00) a now debunked, but great conspiracy theory about "middle child" (31:15) and a lot more. To end things off the guys talk more about the concept of pain in music and how it impacts being a fan. Follow the guys on [@92BricksPod](http://www.instagram.com/92brickspod). Editing/Mixing/Engineering by: [Khari Clarke "KC"](http://www.instagram.com/__thekza) Original Music Produced by: [Khari Clarke "KC"](http://www.instagram.com/__thekza) Artwork by: [Ieasha Ramsey](http://www.instagram.com/ieashatiffany/) Subscribe, Like, Share and most importantly, tell ya moms!
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