144 minutes | Sep 10, 2018

Episode 5: "Listening to Podcasts With The Sound Off"

Your new favorite podcast is back with a full clip! In this week’s episode the gang reflects on the life of Mac Miller who passed away late last week (Rest In Peace!), as well as lighter topics such as ‘Insecure’, Kaepernick x Nike, the phenomenon of hypebeast robots, and the trio has a full-on argument about Eminem and Joe Budden. Check out [Maybe Today NYC](https://maybetodaynyc.com/), where you can use code: “BRICKS” for 30% off on some VERY fire new threads. Follow the guys on [@92BricksPod](http://www.instagram.com/92brickspod). Subscribe, share, rate, tell a friend, and tell your moms. Editing/Mixing/Engineering by: [Khari Clarke "KC"](http://www.instagram.com/__thekza) Original Music Produced by: [Khari Clarke "KC"](http://www.instagram.com/__thekza) Artwork by: [Ieasha Ramsey](http://www.instagram.com/ieashatiffany/)
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