33 minutes | Feb 24th 2021

66 - Trent's VH Hut

Nate and Bacon have used their magical TV to explore their entire movie library. Looking for something different they visit their favorite VHS store, Trent's VH Hut, to see if they can find something new.⭐VOICE OF TRENT ⭐The voice of Trent is played by Matt Kelly.He co-hosts the podcast, Horror Movie Nighthttp://hmnpodcast.com/His new website that can help you with podcasting?https://www.weknowpodcasting.com🧙‍♂️POOF THE MAGICAL GAMESHOW 🧙‍♂️Mondays at 8pm/7pm Centralhttps://www.poofgameshow.com🧱MY ZEN ROCKS 🧱This weeks episode is brought to you buy www.myzenrocks.comUse code BACON at checkout✨DONKEY LANE STICKERS✨https://www.redbubble.com/i/sticker/91-Donkey-Lane-by-MarioMaps1/45775950.JCQM3?ref=explore-for-you-recently-viewed🥓BACON'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL 🥓https://www.youtube.com/chicagobacon🔮CONTACT US 🔮Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/91_donkey_lane/Twitter: https://twitter.com/DonkeyLaneText or Voicemail: 636-336-6539 (6363DONKEY)Website: www.91donkeylane.com
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