47 minutes | Mar 20, 2021

How Top Online Dating Expert Julie Spira got 1500 Media Hits

If you want to know how to get booked on TV, radio, print and podcast interviews, listen to this fun conversation about How Top Online Dating Expert, Media Personality and The Perils of Cyber Dating Author Julie Spira got 1500 Media Hits (interviews, quotes and feature stories) with your 8-Second Branding Host and Goody PR Founder Liz H Kelly. You’ll hear public relations secrets for how Spira got major media interviews on the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, CNN, CBS News, ABC News, NBC News, The New York Times, USA TODAY, NPR’s All Things Considered and more. And in-between laughs and stories about their dating books (Kelly started her PR agency after booking 500+ media interviews for her dating book), Spira explains how to develop “provocative” soundbites, build a Media Kit to make it easy for reporters, and why she advises authors to “Just Say Yes” to media invitations, no matter how big the audience. Buy Julie's book, “The Perils of Cyber Dating,” follow @JulieSpira on social media and visit cyberdatingexpert.com.
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