38 minutes | Apr 23, 2021

How to be a Thought Leader Brand with Authority Magazine CEO

To learn how to be a Thought Leader Brand, listen to this game changing 8-Second Branding Podcast interview with Authority Magazine CEO Yitzi Weiner by Host, Author and Goody PR Founder Liz H Kelly. During this fun exchange, Yitzi explains how he started Authority Magazine, and the process his team has used to interview over 25,000 high-profile entrepreneurs, celebrities, public figures and authors in the past three years. Listeners will hear Yitzi's views on the importance of being an author, and the top three things needed to get a column in a major publication such as Forbes or Inc magazine. You’ll also hear how Yitzi’s Authority Magazine Thought Leader Incubator teaches people how to be the “Interviewer” and is a “bootcamp to become a correspondent” to increase your “authority.” And then, Yitzi shares one thing he wished he knew before becoming a writer and what you can do in 8 Seconds (average attention span of an adult) to positively change your life! Follow @YitziWeiner and visit http://www.yitziweiner.com/about/ AND for more information about your Host, Follow @LizHKelly and/or visit GoodyPR.com/
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